along the (drawn) line

2017, 00:05:53, Single-channel video and sound.


The relationship between neighboring countries is a complex one. Brought together not only by geography, but by multi-layered ties that are broad reaching as well. These expand over the political, cultural and social strata. The Mexico-US relationship is steep in history, yet with Trump's arrival to office and his incongruous proposal to build a wall. Relations between countries might be at its most hostile since 1848. A period in history referred to as the Mexican War, which led to the cession of land and the redrawing of Mexico's northern border.

along the (drawn) line traces a virtual dérive from west to east of the Mexico-US border, while showing images of the urban sprawl on each side. In order to question the arbitrary nature of borders and the building of the proposed wall. Contemplating that frontiers are accidental, human made, drawn by hand on maps and not nature. Therefore making the building of a wall on the Mexico-US border an absurdity. If one is to consider not only humane and ethical elements, but land extension and its capricious topography as well.

Selected for the Inaugural International Autonomous Biennale (OR Cf)

as part of GradCAM @ the Research Pavilion,

57th Venice Biennale